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Aluminum scrap metal

Turn your scrap metal and other non-biodegradable trash into cash. Sell them to 7th Ave Recycling, a recycling expert in Phoenix, AZ. We are a family owned and operated full-service recycling company that aims to help minimize waste through recycling. We also aim to raise awareness about proper waste management with our recycling services.

Protect the Environment

Scrap metals, electrical parts, cans, and steel constitute the majority of wastes collected in the US. When not disposed properly, they end up in the dump where they simply corrode and affect soil quality. They remain there, cluttering the landfill since they do not rot at all. Help protect the environment by refraining from dumping these kinds of waste materials. Sell them to a metal buyer and make money out of them instead.

Get Cash from Trash

Recycling has innumerable benefits. It does not just help de-clutter the environment with too many non-biodegradable wastes; it also helps people make money. Get extra cash by saving scrap metals and selling them to a recycling company like 7th Ave Recycling. Dial (602) 253-4544 for more information.

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